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To complete the supply of measurement, control and safety devices, Georgin offers classic associable accessories:
  • Diaphragm seals
  • Process accessories

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has two areas of expertise : industrial instrumentation and the interfacing of measurement signals in hazardous area.

Founded by Marcel Georgin in 1939
"Les régulateurs Georgin" has grown by gradually diversifying its activities for more than 75 years.

  • 1965: Creation of the Physique department, specialised in measurement and regulation (pressure and temperature)
  • 1970: Creation of the Physelec department, specialised in intrinsic safety relays
  • 1993: Creation of the Physad department (EDF electric company, French railways, French Navy)
  • 2006: First SIL declaration
  • 2012: Creation of the CIAG Instruments subsidiary in Germany
  • 2016: Opening of Georgin Asia Pacific (branch office)
  • 2020: Creation of Georgin GmbH

  • GEORGIN has been well renowned in France and worldwide for more than 75 years
    PFor its expertise in the measurement and control of pressure and temperature, in the processing, conditioning and security of electrical signals,
    in industry, military shipbuilding, railways and electricity (production and transmission of nuclear, thermal and hydraulic electricity).

    Our strategy is to consolidate our position as an international benchmark in the SAFETY Of INDUSTRIAL PROCESSES

    GEORGIN, working for you
    At every step of your developments, our team is at your side to:

  • offer information and advice on the selection of hardware
  • provide commercial support through our technical expertise
  • perform made-to-measure studies of even the most specific applications
  • provide technical assistance with the installation of our devices and systems
  • regularly maintain your Georgin instruments, thanks to our responsive customer service