GEORGIN offers marketing materials (datasheets, leaflets, etc.) and tools (software ProgressX configuration).
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Available softwares
ProgressX Manager v6.3.0.8 - TiXo*, Tia*, BPX*, LPX* (Microsoft® Windows®)
ProgressX Manager v6.5.3.0 - UI* (Microsoft® Windows®) portable
TiXo - Tia 3 DD pack - TiXo3, Tia3 (Microsoft® Windows®)
TiXo - Tia DTM pack - TiXo3, Tia3 (Microsoft® Windows®)
GeorginSet v2.7.0 - Série SG (GT45000*) (Microsoft® Windows®) portable
GeorginSet v2.7.0 - Série SG (GT45000*) (Microsoft® Windows®)
Hart Tool v0.9.129 - GS - GSX series (Microsoft® Windows®)
Georgin unit converter v2011.1.2.0 (Microsoft® Windows®)
Available documentation list
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Pressure - temperature switches (64 documents)
Pressure transmitters (23 documents)
Process transmitters (23 documents)
Temperature transmitters (70 documents)
Pressure gauges - Thermometers (17 documents)
Thermometers (7 documents)
IS Interfaces (129 documents)
Signalization (29 documents)
Signal conditionners (48 documents)
Remote I/O (17 documents)
Specific Environments (13 documents)
ATEX (2 documents)
Accessories (27 documents)
Moderator® (1 documents)
Company certificates (8 documents)
Short form (9 documents)
After Sale Service (2 documents)
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